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Successful Online Employee Onboarding Strategies.

Most of us remember our first day at work with the fear of the unknown. Sometimes this fear can impede our well intended performances. Business research indicates that the employee onboarding begins on the day the employee accepts the offer and goes well into their first year in the company.

We want to explain, how your learning management system or learning portal can be employed to manage knowledge for new hires? So that it is available when needed.

1.Create an in-house Online Support for New Employees.

Onboarding trading software is not the only solution to this entire new hire scenario. Senior and experienced employees need to share their wisdom in an organized manner in the form of a Wiki. A learning management system TalentLMS in our case is perfect to document all possible issues, tutorials etc. All training tutorials need to be visible and available for use when the new employee is ready. HR related questions and issues need to be portrayed on the learning portal too.

2. Create an Online Position Profile.

Managers need to go into detail about the new hires entire job description, expectations and behaviors expected. Job expectation transparency keeps everyone in the loop.

3. Have all formalities completed online.

Create an automated task list for new employees. Forms can be filled and signed electronically and sent for processing.

4 Get Social Online.

Welcome messages and walking around on the first day are a great way to introduce the new employee. Introduce them to the social groups in the online portal. The social group can be gamified to motivate peers to help each other with bonus points to help the new employee. Quick questions can be answered without leaving the desk.

5. Provide Online Feedback.

Managers and peers who receive work from a new employee can rate the performance. Real-time feedback that is provided online is more honest, constructive and discrete.


Your online portal particularly the learning portal is the ideal place for the new employee to turn to for guidance, advice and information.

Share Real-World Experience and Knowledge.

When it’s time for the 90-day review the new employee is confident about their capabilities and the managers are aware of the new employees capacities.

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