HowTo Video Tutorial Script (347 words)

Hey guys my name is Stacy I’m on the enterprise sales team here at Drift and Dan here who’s behind the camera actually pulled me in because he heard I use LinkedIn a lot for my sales prospecting so I’m here today to give you three tips on essentially how would you sell.

So tip number 1. Engaging with your network, and by that I don’t mean actually like sending another 300 character pitch in someone’s like LinkedIn connection notes.

I mean by this I actually mean going through someone’s leaking history and such as seeing what do they also like and what are they posting about because I’ve at least then you can meet them exactly where they are without asking too much from them because who are they to actually connect with you if they absolutely know nothing about you.

Tip number 2 which is understanding your prospects. I always like sending out like swag packages whenever I see someone is reaching a work anniversary or have gotten a new promotion so that way essentially like.

I’m still seeing the human behind the making profile even though they’re possibly a great title for me to be talking to because I’m probably a decision maker at the end of the day they still just a human being with a job so I just like to essentially make sure I acknowledge that

Tip number 3 would be essentially to be the recommender. I always love all the content that the marketing team here at Drift actually comes out with so any kind of topic that I see approximately one already commenting about, already posting about  I’ll try to always like link them to helpful articles that we’ve also covered so that way they can essentially self educate themselves on what we are best at and hopefully one day we start the conversation ourselves.

Those are my three tips for today let me know that works for you comment below if you have any tips of your own that you find working for you and find me on LinkedIn as Stacy Chen.