HowTo Video Tutorial Script (435 words)

Hi, I’m Elizabeth and I am on the Drift studios team here. Today I’m going to give you the top 10 things to remember when video editing.

Video editing is my favorite part of being on the Drift studios team because I feel as a part of that you really get to storytelling. And so that’s my first thing for you to remember when you’re editing.

Is that this is a time where you take all that footage that could be minutes could be hours, days, who knows, and you’re compiling it into a story. And you need to remember the arc of the setup, the climax and what you’re trying to get out of your story.

Number two is remember that the people watching the video weren’t necessarily at the shoot so they don’t know the background. They don’t know what the context was for the video. And number three, remember that those people who are watching the video has really short attention spans.

Number four, remember to think about what platform you’re making the video for. You may be using the same shoot for multiple platforms but that doesn’t mean the same clip should exist on Facebook and LinkedIn and YouTube and websites.

Speaking of separating your files, don’t forget to organize your files before you start. I do a lot of the tutorial videos here and I find it super helpful to make a folder for all of it audio, a folder for all the screen recordings and another folder for the actual on camera shots of whoever’s talking. That way you can go through and know that you need one clip from each folder and get everything organized easily.

Don’t rely on one sequence in your editing, copy and paste and then make edits. So you always have that one original file. So if anything happens, there’s one that you can revert back to and the best way you can make sure that there’s more than one file left is always save your work.

Do not rely on auto save, actually go to File Save Command as however you want to do it. Remember to really look at the whole shot and to find what the focal point is going to be visually. The last two things to remember are kind of related to each other and they all surround the idea of patients.

Remember that your video isn’t going to be done after just one cut.

Don’t rush to you really going to have to take your time to come through to make it perfect. So good luck and happy editing.