This hero video is no longer online, as Zendesk's campaign already dates back a few years. Zendesk used the video as animated background for their homepage with the call-to-action button playing it in a pop-over. Don't miss out on watching it - it's super fun: The video is based on the fact that most people already know that Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service software. So they focus purely on pain points and benefits. Instead of stating plain facts and figures, they're using a real-life analogy (the relationship of a husband and wife) to showcase how Zendesk helps the relationship of a company with his client. Being a very successful campaign, you can still find a landing page where they kept the video online (although the landing page features a toned-down, not so funny version than the former homepage).

Hero Video Script (134 words)

[Interviewer] Has your relationship seen any hard times?
[Husband] Yeah, I think every business goes through hard times with their customers.
[Wife] When we first met, his customer service was just off.
[Husband] I didn’t think I had the time or the resources for it.
[Wife] I would call…
[Husband] She would call, email, … I was not very good at listening in those days. I was very overwhelmed.
[Wife] So I started complaining. I told my bridge club. My sister Lorraine. And my 41,000 Twitter followers.
[Husband] That hurt. Very public.
[Interviewer] So what happened?
[Husband] Well, that’s when I got Zendesk for my customer service.
[Wife] That made it a real relationship.
[Husband] Zendesk helped me become the business I always wanted to be.
[Wife] I like it when he gives me the business.