Hero Video Script (207 words)

Zendesk is software for a better customer service. Customer service starts with a question an email, tweet, phone call, chat, searching your Help Center.

Zendesk collects all these conversations and brings them in one place, which is easy to set up and simple to use. For support agents it highlights conversations that require attention, enables work on multiple tickets at the same time and provides the tools and information you need to solve an issue even if that stuff doesn’t come from Zendesk.

And when an issue requires input from other people in your company Zendesk makes it easy to collaborate and work as a team. All these interactions are tracked by Zendesk, providing valuable data about your company as well as analysis of your performance and how it compares to your peers so whether you’re managing a team of one or a team of a thousand you’ll have a real sense of how things are working.

But too all data and efficiency don’t mean a lot if you don’t understand the actual people behind the questions whether or not they’re satisfied.

And ultimately that’s what Zendesk is for: improving the relationship between your business and your customers, which is awesome… I think it’s awesome at least.