Hero Video Script (188 words)


Okay now from the beginning…

Zendesk is a software company that was started in 2007 by these guys and this is how big the company is now.

That is like a thousand percent increase or something.

Zendesk builds business software for customer engagement that does not sound very cool but Zendesk is making it cool by making it better.

Excuse me what are you doing?  – just working

How’s he going to customer service? –   Actually having a little trouble with the technology here, it looks nice.

Downloading your code history now!

Thanks for calling mom and dad.

Hi, can I just confirm your 16 digit account number, your date of birth and my meeting?

You know, I’m gonna put you on hold for just one sec.

That’s when I got Zendesk for my customer service.

However customers reach out to your email phone messenger chat, Zendesk integrates it all

You have what’s called an omni-channel solution

Is it difficult to add chat message to our Zendesk account?

It’s going a secret recipe for offering better integrated customer service more efficiently without compromise.

But… we just don’t send us.