Hero Video Script (312 words)

You’ve built a beautiful WordPress site for your clients, handed it off, and now you’re dealing with this kind of thing.

Hey Jill! Why am I not on the first page of Google?

I updated a blog post and I think I broke it.

My site is down.



If your relationship with your clients doesn’t end, then neither should your paychecks. That’s why we created White Label by Flywheel, a sleek subscription billing platform that gives you the freedom to charge your clients for recurring services all under your own brilliant brand.

White Label creates a client-facing dashboard and a series of automated billing emails, each prominently displaying your logo and the color of your choice.

Set up whatever subscription-based services you want to offer at whatever prices you want to charge. Your clients get a sleek, better than ever experience with your brand. And you don’t have manage credit cards, juggle third-party services, or send invoices. And though your client will never know it, all of this awesomeness comes along with Flywheel’s wonderful, well-known hosting and an expert support team.

So there’s no more dealing with downtime or stressing about site speed. And the best part? You’re free to resell our services to your clients and pocket the extra profit, while we work quietly in the background to keep all of your sites safe and sound.

And if you happen to run into a hosting hiccup or a development dilemma, we’re simply a click or a call away. So the next time your client asks you for a little something extra…

Hey Jill, can we redesign the homepage again this month?

…it doesn’t have to come along with a load of logistical questions or the baggage of billing problems. Do more with less stress with White Label. Get started at getflywheel.com/whitelabel