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Tableau empowers everyone to see and understand their data. It’s business intelligence for your entire organization. Explore and analyze data in seconds. Just drag and drop to discover trends and outliers or use natural language to go from question to answer in an instant. Connect to the data you care about, whether it’s a spreadsheet, database or big data. Access data warehouses or cloud data.

Tableau prep helps you quickly and confidently transform and shape your data for analysis. Easily combine data from multiple sources. See all your data at a glance with prep builders visual and direct interface. Smart grouping algorithms make it easy to reorganize your data.

Then publish and schedule your flows with prep conductor or open the output directly in Tableau desktop for analysis where you can ask questions. Change your perspective and reveal deeper meaning.

Transform your data into powerful interactive dashboards. Securely share your data and dashboards with Tableau online or Tableau server so everyone in your organization can ask and answer their own questions right from a browser, tablet or phone.

Whether you want a fully hosted solution like Tableau online or to manage your own Tableau server on-premises or in the cloud, the choice is yours. Everyone in your organization can access data and dashboards to explore and find their own insights in a trusted and secure environment.

Tableau’s management tools give you control over everything from user permissions to data source connectivity and the visibility you need to support your deployment. Tableau naturally fits within the fabric of your business so you can easily scale from small teams to full organizations with thousands of users. Tableau, see and understand your data.