Hero Video Script (545 words)

-John Jeremiah: GitLab is a single application that covers the entire DevOps lifecycle. It’s a single application for the whole development team to work together.

-Sid Sijbrandij: We went from just version control to now 10 stages of the DevOps lifecycle, the scope of the product is 10 times as big as when we started. We’re finding all the time that the more we add to GitLab the better it becomes.

-Adam Dehnel: One of the things that was really positively viewed from my management was how our roadmap and get that roadmap seemed on the same path. We want less people managing things, more computers managing things. We want more automation, we want less spaghetti tying all the different tools together so a lot of that lines up really well at this point we’re not ready for the things that GitLab has right now.

-Mark Pundsack: For me, I think the thing is really unique. Is not only just that we do all of this scope but that it is how deeply the scope is integrated. The single application really enables a class of solutions that just weren’t possible before.

At GitLab you’ll have an experience that you can never get, no matter how well you integrate them, no matter how much time you spend on your central IT group putting a pieces together, you just can’t do the same things that we can do, and that’s really really powerful.

-Anton van Kan: We test the tools really looking for a tool set but unfortunately nothing at that stage was mature enough to actually take us forward. So we kind of looked at how we could improve our current tool chain. Basically new users that are using GitLab don’t need much experience using it. It’s really easy to enable them straight off the bat from a different company and just get them rolling.

-Mark Pundsack: I don’t like to predict the future too much but I do know the directions are going, bringing more people involved in the software lifecycle, getting more complete. Where it makes sense not just to arbitrarily get more people in but where it adds value. Some great things pop out when you do a single application that covers this whole space.

-Sid Sijbrandij: DevOps is still in its early stages and we’ve seen all the individual tools in the DevOps lifecycle and now is the time to take that and build something bigger not just hopping from tool to tool but having an integrated tool for that whole lifecycle. If we get there we can be a very enduring software company that will change how people collaborate. Our mission is everyone can contribute.

We want everyone to contribute to digital products to GitLab as a software product but we also want everyone to contribute to our organization. I’m very happy when I see the merger press coming that changes something in the company that’s not from a team member. It’s so someone that follows us that cares about us and wants to improve something in our organization

-John Jeremiah: It’s not just us that’s building GitLab over 2,000 contributors have contributed to our solution. This is an open source movement that is happening as changing the way we develop software, it’s exciting.