Hero Video Script (170 words)

We’ve all got work to do. Full-time job part-time, job side, household, passion, project all of the above nine-to-five, let’s be honest, we’re always working on something.

Some days work can be other days, it can be a little yeah that’s why we created chef, we minimize the digital clutter so you have more time for the work that needs to get done, how does it work, shift is the desktop workstation that makes everything easier and it’s personalized to you.

No matter what sort of work you do add your accounts and Google services and connects hundreds of your favorite apps, from social media and messaging to top productivity tools, shift is all about helping you manage work life and play better and guess what unified, search means you can find exactly what you’re looking for across all of your accounts even, if you can’t remember which inbox calendar or drive you last saw it we’ve all got work to do.

Ready to do it smarter, try shift today.