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Pipedrive is a complete sales CRM platform designed by experienced salespeople.

It’s the perfect way to visually display your team’s sales processes and automate the essential but repetitive tasks you need to accomplish. You can track your team’s performance using customizable KPIs, which match the industry you operate in. By making Pipedrive your weapon of choice, your team will smash targets with ease by breaking down strategic goals into small, everyday tasks.

The interface is visually intuitive and highly organized, which is why sales teams around the globe love using it because Pipedrive gives you focus and shows you what deals need your attention the moment you log in, no matter where you are. You can integrate your existing tools and processes, customizing it to your business.

As a complete CRM platform, Pipedrive will automatically sync your e-mails and log your calls, keeping everything you need to know about a prospect in one neat place. So now you can stay focused, save time, and close more deals.

Selling has become beautiful again.

This is Pipedrive. We make salespeople unstoppable.