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Who doesn’t love the convenience of an online meeting room? I know I do, especially when it means I get to stay in my pajama pants! But typically, once you hit END, all of the communication either goes out the window or is scattered across documents and notepads. Well, what if I told you that there’s a program that works fundamentally different?

That’s right.

Now you can get yourself video meeting rooms for each of your clients that keeps all of your content and communication in a single and always-accessible place in today’s product showcase.

How’s it going, Sumo-lings? It’s Chrystie from AppSumo, and today we are talking about Vectera, a program that lets you create unique video meeting rooms for each of your clients that never disappear! That’s right: upload as many docs and take as many notes as you feel like, and trust that it will always remain available to you and your client.

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Now let’s jump into Vectera. Getting started with a video meeting room is way easy.

Simply create the room on your dashboard and hit Launch —no downloads, no frustration.

Once you select audio and video settings, you’re good to go! And of course, Vectera keeps a list of all your meeting rooms and those shared with you, so everything you need is only ever one click away.

Within a video meeting, you can share your screen or co-browse with your client, upload and share documents, record the conversation, and use the Whiteboard to jot down notes and draw on any of your screenshots and uploads.

You’ll also be able to keep private notes available for your eyes only.

But here’s where Vectera really shines: All notes, documents and meeting recordings remain available in this virtual meeting room. Forever.

You and your clients can return to the virtual room any time to revisit the previous conversations. And next time you meet the client, you can pick up the conversation right where you left off.

Vectera also features a powerful scheduling tool so you and your clients can find time on your busy calendar with zero effort.

First, you’ll create as many appointment types as you need. You can set up the meeting duration, buffer times, and reminders for each. Next up, determine your availability on your calendar by dragging the bars on each day. And finally, send your universal URL to your clients! All they have to do is click Book Appointment to schedule meetings with you.

A meeting URL is automatically generated and shared with the client and host in an invite.

For returning clients booking a new meeting, the meeting URL is reshared and they’re directed to their trusted meeting room.

Sumo-lings, the possibilities with Vectera are endless! If you want to improve online client conversations with meeting scheduling and persistent meeting rooms, then you better check out Vectera.