Hero Video Script (377 words)

We’re in the middle of an information revolution.

-Kevin McGibben: Never before this business relied on their engineering teams more than they do today.

-Ziad Fanous: We want to move from visualization to actually helping businesses gain insight to where they are today we’re they’re going to be tomorrow, so they can focus on everything.

-Kevin McGibben: LogicMonitor helps businesses get more proactive about how they manage the technology that runs their business.

-Laural Gentry: Not just fixing what happened but preventing  anything from happening in the first place.

-Ziad Fanour: Understanding what’s going to happen ahead of time is so critical.

-Tej Redkar: Wit LogicMonitor we built the most extensible platform ever. Within minutes customers can monitor their entire infrastructure comprehensive on-premises to the cloud.

-Mark Banfield: A large amount so we spam was possible for businesses by advancing the technology behind them.

-Sarah Robinson: You can make sure that every aspect of our product that could help them grow and be successful in their business is being utilized effectively and efficiently.

-Brandon Holden: Seeing the data is one thing but allowing that data to provide real insight into how they can perform better or service their customers more efficiently all of those things enable them to be more successful.

-Ziad Fanour: We’re able to filter out what doesn’t matter so you can focus on what truly matters and that makes a huge difference.

-Tej Redkar: A large-scale industry leader in Payment Systems this is that LogicMonitor helps us keep our network 99.9999% alive.

-Kenyon Willis: Every day people are finding new use cases for LogicMonitor, one of the most recent ones is we’re now using it to monitor our golf handicaps and that’s not something that you would think of from the technology platform.

-Mark Banfield: We help save lives. Our technology helps monitor major machinery in healthcare institutions.

-Kevin McGibben:There really is no limit to the capabilities that a product platform like LogiMonitors has.

-Ziad Fanour:LogicMonitors customers are the best customers because they understand the value of monitoring, we are there to be their partner through their journey.

-Logic monitor turning sight into vision.

-Tej Redkar: I’m passionate about monitoring I love monitoring and we are going to change the industry with monitoring.