Hero Video Script (218 words)

I love to travel.

What I don’t love is traveling, reservations, confirmations cancellations.

But I found a way to bring some order to traveling. One simple thing that can organize my whole trip so I can just enjoy the ride.

It’s called Trip Case, and it puts all my travel details in one place: Flights, cars, hotels, events, meetings, whatever I’ve got going on.

Here’s how it works:

I book a flight. And forward the confirmation email to Trip Case and Bingo Bango, it’s all there.

You can do this with restaurants, hotels, even stuff that doesn’t have a confirmation email. I just type it in and it becomes another stop on my trip.

Or if I’m working with my travel agent, my itinerary just shows up automatically, then I can share it with whoever wants it.

I can save stuff I want to remember later. I can even get a ride without leaving the app.

But what if my plans change without me even knowing?

Not a problem.

Trip Case is powered by Sabre, one of the biggest travel technology companies in the world which means it’s connected to all the latest info so, I always know what’s up.

Don’t get me wrong. I still don’t love traveling.

But with Trip Case. I’m really good at it.