Hero Video Script (689 words)

-Andrew Boni: Marketers are inherently very creative people and at most companies they’re held back by the technical limitations of the business.

-Justin Zhu: I was an engineer at Twitter on the user growth team. I was part of that team I had built a notification platform that would message to users across multiple channels and I realized that a lot of companies were building the same technology.

– Andrew Boni: So the idea for Iterable stemmed out of both my experiences at Google and Justin’s experiences at Twitter. And whenever the marketers in-house wanted to do anything remotely complex when it came time to messaging they inevitably had to rely on engineers to get stuff done. So again I thought well if there’s a better software product out there that empowered is not technical marketers that probably make life a lot better.

-Conrad Chu: Iterable feels like it’s designed with the user in mind all of our marketing team today they on daily basis are in the system, our designers are in the system for creating templates for them. And you’d be surprised when you go out there and look at what’s out there in the market you realize sometimes it’s like design for an engineer it’s not supposed to be. And so the fact that it is really how the marketer mind is pretty clear as you use it.

-Justin Zhu: Work flow is the main feature I think that drives a lot of value essentially it’s a way for marketers program visually.

-Andrew Bonni: And once it’s set up it’s completely flexible. They can go back and change the template, add-ins may be testing, really go out with it.

-Justin Zhu: That is what marketing is about right figuring out your user base. They’re gonna will work to target them and with the most resonating message.

-Conrad Chu: As a start-up, you know, everything changes really quickly all the time, every day is different. And so for us how we look at our customers evolve over time. Iterable allows us to take all of the characteristics of our users, for example, are they vegetarian? How old they are? Do they have kids? Are they male or female? What have they ordered in the past? What’s in a cart currently? All those factor into the kind of messaging we can talk to our customers with.

-Justin Zhu: Our segmentation builder is designed so that marketing can really segment all the fields about purchases, about the demographics, about things they’ve done on your site on your app. I know we define target segments and execute campaigns on that really quickly.

-Conrad Chu: It’s extremely fast, we are able to segment and parse all of our customer data and at a speed that we’ve never done before. So our flexibility for experimentation and for exploration around the data is pretty unprecedented.

-Andrew Boni: You can see the stats as soon as you press send, as soon as people start opening messages, as soon as people start making purchases, the marketer can see all that in the dashboard immediately.

– Conrad Chu: Iterable provides us a full 360-degree view of our customers. We know what they’re doing on our site or on our mobile phones and then we can respond for emails or push notification or SMS they have all the tools for us to test they even jump across the channel.

-Andre Boni: In this day and age it’s critical that marketers are able to target the customers wherever their customers happen to be with the right message at the right time on the right device.

-Justin Zhu: What Iterable unlocks is giving marketers the power to really use the data and get the right content into the right strategies without having to deal with engineering.

– Andrew Boni: At the end of the day it’s all just about you know empowering marketers. you can allow or enable company to send out great messages, messages that people actually want to receive, that people care about. I think that’s a huge huge win for both companies and customers alike.