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As a manufacturer, you know that when your product leaves the factory, it’s difficult to monitor its condition, location or operational status.

You might not even know who your end customer is. When you lose sight of your product, you lose sales, you lose customers, and you lose money.

What if there was a way to have total visibility?

Tagup makes it easy for you to monitor your products, anytime, anywhere.
When you register a new unit.

Tagup assigns at a special web address. These are embedded in a Tagup ID attached to the unit.

Instantly connecting the asset to a secure cloud-based data store.

Simply scan or tag with a smartphone or tablet to view sensor data add a maintenance record, request product support or share its operational status.

With Tagup, you and your supply chain partners can share selected product data in real time.

Tagup is the single best solution to increase sales and grow service contract revenue. Connect your products to the web and turbo charge your top line.

Visit tagup.io for a demonstration!