Hero Video Script (292 words)

Sunny: Hey hey, I’m Sunny. It’s so nice to meet you.

Sunny: Our shot’s just down the street, so I figured we could chat on the way.

Person: So what exactly do you do?

Sunny: What do I do?

Sunny: That’s a good question. I’m a broadcaster and online entrepreneur.

Sunny: So my background’s in journalism and I know that authentic communication is the key to connecting with your audience.

Sunny: So through video and online business strategy, I help entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, brands, you name it, own their niche. Create a positive influence. And increase sales.

Sunny: I love what I do.

Sunny: We’re going to figure out how to monetize your message so you can love your business and build a life on your own terms.

Sunny: So what is your message? You know that side has sold that fire in your tummy. That dream job that you think about when you should be working or sleeping. That little spark in your eye.

Sunny: What is it that lights you up?

Sunny: There it is. Okay, so the plan once we nail down your social strategy and your messaging we’ll get you comfortable on camera and then we’re going to optimize your content to increase your reach and start building your online community. And that’s really just the beginning.

Sunny: But don’t get overwhelmed because I’m here to help with every single step along the way. And I know it’s scary: What do people think? Is it stupid? What if you fail?

Sunny: But doesn’t freedom sound better than fear? You have to share your message. You have to share your “you-ness” because if you don’t it’s just kind of selfish.

Sunny: You look amazing.

Sunny: Action!