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Hello and welcome to shift

Shift is the desktop app for managing all of your work in one convenient place streamline your email accounts, apps and extensions without the hassle, no more logging in and out or juggling multiple browsers.

Access mail calendar Drive and all your other Google services with just one click. Managing your applications and accounts has never been easier here, are a few things you can do right inside shift.

Message a co-worker on Slack, Skype, Whatsapp or Messenger.
Manage your tasks with tools like asana Trello, JIRA and Evernote.
Stay up to date on your favorite social media platforms from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn Twitter and YouTube.
You can even use your favorite Chrome extensions like boomerang grammarly HubSpot and LastPass.

Shift gives you the freedom to work the way you want with the tools you need, you can pick from hundreds of apps and extensions, just check out our directory to see all of the options.

Now let’s try web tabs for quick focused browsing right and side shift, it’s perfect for keeping your work and personal research separate and organized by account. Looking for a file or lost calendar invitation? unified search is the answer you can search across all your email calendar and Drive accounts with one simple query.

Switching between tools has never been easier, use the shortcut command tilde on Mac and Ctrl tab on Windows to move between windows check notifications and manage your workflow.

Finally customize your notifications and make them work for you, we’ve made it easy to choose your own settings or mute them entirely when you need to focus, ready to get more done.

Download shifts now to get started!