Hero Video Script (256 words)

Sometimes your customers feel in the dark. Sometimes, even when their glass is half-empty, their cup runs over. Sometimes they’re too hot–wait, too cold.

But for as long as they can remember you’ve come to the rescue. For as long as their granddad can remember, for that matter.

You’ve been there long before that crack of dawn people brag about being up at, and you’ve been there long after they’ve gone to sleep. You’ve waded through water–and worse. You’ve tiptoed in steel toes and crouched down until your knees ached. You’ve touched things no one else would and banged your head on the edge of that sink how many times?

You’ve been helping customers like this for years, giving them the emotional comfort of knowing how to fix that thing they don’t, and the physical comfort of it being fixed. Now it’s time someone made it easier for you, even if to you that means making it easier to help them. Because that’s what you do.

With ServiceTitan, you can greet customers by name the moment they ring. You can dispatch that perfect technician for every job, with your customers’ entire history already in their pocket. They can watch you drive down the street, even when you’re still miles away. You can build estimates fast, and sell them even faster. Now you can say goodbye to all that paper.

ServiceTitan is a tool we built to make your life better. And because we know it matters to you, that means making your customers’ lives better too.