Hero Video Script (248 words)

We built Serene because like most remote teams, we were struggling to focus and do our best work and we tried using distraction blockers, putting our phones on airplane mode while we were working, listening to concentration music, working in time intervals and combined this worked really well, but it was too many steps and we wanted a way of entering this focused work environment in one click.

Serene enables you to get back to doing your best work by blocking distractions, increasing focus and organizing your day around your most important goal.

We built Serene so that anyone who needs to focus, from an author writing the next bestseller, to a developer building an app can enter a Serene work environment free of distractions in one click. Without this, is all too easy to take the path of least resistance, path that often leads to doing reactive work, checking email and slack every 5 minutes, getting to the end of the day wondering: what did I actually get done?

Instead of manually shutting down distracting apps, putting your phone on silent and blocking unproductive websites, Serene does all of this in one click, making it effortless to make deep focused work part of your daily routine.

If you’re tired of being reactive, Serene also prompts you to set one goal per day and then break your day down into sessions to work towards this goal, helping you carve out time to proactively work towards your most important goals.