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So what exactly is Revolut?

Well to start, I download the app from App Store or Google Play and register with my mobile number. Instantly, I can see my Revolut card details that I can use for online purchases, or I can order the card to be delivered to my home address, and I can access the new PIN number for my card as soon as it arrivxes.

When I go abroad, I simply upload money to my Revolut account and pay everywhere with my Revolut card. It doesn’t matter where I am in Thailand, Brazil, or South Africa. For each transaction, my Revolut card looks at my available balance and converts it to the local currency automatically using the best possible rate. I can even exchange money I’ve already uploaded it costs me nothing, and it means I never have to use an exchange bureau again.

If family and friends need to send to me emergency money I receive it instantly no matter where I am, and I can even transfer money to pay for my mortgage back home. I love living an international life and Revolut is an important part of it.