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How do you keep track of your financial life?

Statements? Spreadsheets? Scribbles?

It’s time for something better, something easier, something smarter.

Mint is a free, easy way to manage your money that empowers you to take charge of your financial life. Get started with a simple one-time setup.

Add your bank, credit card, home loan, and investment accounts. Mint quickly and securely pulls in the information and organizes it for you. That’s it. No more bookkeeping. Mint keeps it all up to date.

You can see all your accounts in one place with one login anywhere anytime.
Mint uses bank-level security and alerts you to any suspicious transactions so you can rest easy.

Mint shows you where your money goes. Your expenses are automatically categorized so you can keep track of how much and where you’re spending.

With one click you can create a budget based on your spending history. Make adjustments, track your progress and find ways to spend smarter.

Mint reviews your financial picture and makes personalized recommendations on ways you can save. You get all the information you need to make smarter decisions and plan for the future.

Mint. It’s the best free way to manage your money.

Sign up and get started with Mint in less than five minutes.