Hero Video Script (298 words)

Friends, there’s gonna come a day when you need to get something notarized, which usually means hunting down a place like this.

And that strip mall next the old rail yard.

What if I told you-you didn’t need to come here anymore?
And you could get something notarized from right… Here.

Here. No, not my house but your house.

No, I’m not crazy.

Now you can get something notarized without going anywhere using
this, a telephone with an app called Notarized.

Notarize! Notarize!

Notarize lets you set up a video chat with a real live license respectable notary public and get your documents notarized right there.


Okay, it’s fast, it’s official. It’s the best and it’s all thanks to a very special place.

One magical historical state in this union, possibly the greatest state, the state of Virginia. Yes, Virginia, birthplace of eight presidents and Shirley MacLaine.

Virginia is for lovers but it’s also for notaries For you see, in the year of our Lord 2012, Virginia became the first state to allow documents to be notarized remotely using audio-video technology.

So no matter what you need notarized, you can get it done fast.

You’re saying I can get this fancy contract notarized even though I’m in California?


I need to get power of attorney to my niece because of the problem notarized. And because everything is captured on video and your ideas confirmed. It’s even more verifiable than your classic militarization.

It’s not just legal, it’s better.

I’m always the middle of the night. But what about my living will?


I need a fishing license. Notarize!

Okay. Hey, Notarize!

Notarized empowers those who have entered that noble profession may be the noblest profession of a notary public.

Notarized bringing notary into the 21st century