Hero Video Script (217 words)

This is Meistertask.

An intuitive collaboration and task management platform for your projects.

Let me show you how it works.

This is John’s desk.
John is currently planning the launch for his new company.

This is John’s dashboard where he can view latest activities and view his active projects.

Here, john can view all of the activities related to his company launch.

For now, John needs help with decorations for his launch party.

He can add checklist items, set a due date and can assign the tasks to a teammate.

In this case, Sarah.

Sarah is out at a coffee shop.

With a companion app she is instantly notified of her new task.

With a single swipe. Sarah can view her task details, complete checklist items
and upload attachments from the camera.

She can then comment on the task and bring a 30 minute mark into the discussion.

While, 30,000 feet in the air, Mark receives a notification regarding Sarah’s question.

Mark can review the task activity and respond to Sarah’s question within seconds.

He can then quickly make the necessary updates to the checklists.

The task is now complete and the company launch party is ready to go.

Collaborating with your teammates and colleagues has never been so easy.

Discover a new way to manage projects with MeisterTask.