Hero Video Script (232 words)

You’re hard at work.

You’ve got great tools here.

Awesome apps there.

And stuff… everywhere.

There’s so much going on, even the neatest of the neat freaks can feel disorganized.

It’s time to tidy your workflow.

Say “thank you” to your old way of working, and let it go.

Introducing the new Dropbox.

It helps you organize your work life in three easy steps.

Let’s start with those messy files.

So. thank-you and bye-bye, twenty open tabs of cloud docs.

In Dropbox, all your files are organized in one tidy place, and notifications are streamlined.

So you can stand on top of things even on the go.

Next, let’s tackle your tools.

You don’t have to waste your time hopping from app to app, when you work in a tidy space.

If G-Suite brings you joy, keep it where it’s easy to reach.

You can slack your teammates,or start a meeting all without leaving Dropbox.

Finally, get everyone on the same page.

In your team space, everyone knows what to do.

Folder descriptions add context where you need it most.

You can create or complete to-dos.

Pin important documents.

And share your thoughts, right there.

Tidying up can change your work life, and spark… a pretty good feeling!

Now all of your content, tools, and teamwork live together in one tidy space.

It’s not magic. It’s the new Dropbox.