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Does working together ever feel a little chaotic?

It starts as innocently as a new email with a document attached to it.

Your coworker wants some feedback, but before you know it, there are 12 new versions. The email has turned into a full blown 40 message thread.

And now Robert, who just got back from Maui wants to meet so he can get caught up. Oh, and you just ran out of coffee.

Lucky for you and Robert and the rest of your team, there’s a better way to work together:

Meet Quips living documents.

They come to life with real-time co-editing and built-in chat, so discussions and decisions always stay in context instead of messy reply-all email threads.

Rescue your team from the dog days of underscore-final-underscore-final, the 19 underscore really this time it’s really final doc-doc.

In Quip, there’s just one version of your document so your work is always up to date.

Quip docs are packed with tons of unique tools you’ve never had in the document before.

You can embed polls, annotate images, and track your next project with calendars and dynamic status trackers. You can even add live data from third-party apps like Salesforce and JIRA.

Mix and match these tools to create project plans, product roadmaps, budgets and account plans that worked for your team without email and fewer meetings.

And Quip was built mobile first to help keep the ball rolling. Every document pulls up on your phone instantly and signing in is as easy as a text message.

Try Quip for free and give your team a happier more productive workday.