Hero Video Script (193 words)

Hi I’m Carl garfield head researcher at Atlassian university. I’ve dedicated my entire life to learning. Here in our laboratory we have found that not everything we learn needs to be taught.

But once in a while it is nice to have someone give you…a little guidance,that’s why we created Atlassian University. We have a variety of training options for you to learn JIRA or confluence or other Atlassian products

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new user or an administrator we offer recorded courses to view on your own time like my favorite getting started with confluence.

Webinar training if you like more interaction – welcome my dear students to jury administration part 1 -… or team up and train with your coworkers

Atlassian authorized instructors give private classes online or in person like this JIRA essentials course.

What good is learning if you aren’t rewarded for your achievement.

At Atlassian University we’ve added a certification program, graduates become Atlassian certified professionals.

Yes! training putz experience equals certification so go ahead and start learning your lasting products on your own or with your team.

Visit university.atlassian.com to get started