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Welcome to Airtable. With Airtable you can organize anything, projects, customers, ideas, you name it.

It’s as straightforward as a spreadsheet, but gives you the power of a database, to work exactly how you want to work.

Whether you’re managing a successful record label, planning an upcoming move, or wrangling all of your team’s deadlines for an upcoming rocket launch. It’s easy to organize anything that you can imagine.

It’s not just numbers and text. With Airtable, you can add which field types, like checkboxes, drop downs, long notes, links to other tables, and even drag and drop file attachments, complete with document and image previews.

You’re not limited to only seeing things in a grid. You can group and organize your records, show them on a calendar, arrange them in a gallery, and embed them onto your website.

You can even create and share a form, and the responses will feed directly into Airtable.

Use Airtable on your own or collaborate with a team to get things done. You can tag collaborators and message with them directly in the context of your information, and all your changes are securely saved and instantly synced across all devices and teammates, so you’re always on the same page.

Airtable. Organize anything you can imagine.