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Your customers use multiple platforms to get in touch with you. Thanks to LiveAgent you can manage everything from one app.

Some people prefer typing… while others rather call. LiveAgent easily integrates with most existing VoIP providers on the market. Connect as many phone numbers as you need for companies products or countries, plus get unlimited call recordings and no extra charge per minute.

Customers can call in straight from their phone or simply click on a ‘Call us’ button anywhere on your site and you’ll receive the call on any of your devices even on the go. And if you’re too busy Soft-transfer your incoming call to a colleague who can handle it instead.

Sophisticated internal call routing an automatic call assignment to the first agent available makes communication with your customers fast and accurate. For your customers to feel satisfied they need to get the right answers quickly and that’s what interactive voice response is for. IVR can save you time and money by automatically identifying a customer based on their phone number and checking the status of their order without a single agent involved.

Hi Sophie thanks for your order great choice by the way. Your new pair of shoes doesn’t fit press 1 for returns or press 2 for feedback.

Simply put IVR will automatically prioritize calls, increase first contact resolution and customer satisfaction while also reducing operational costs and saving your agents precious time.

With LiveAgent’s online designer tool creating your own IVR tree is easier than ever regardless of your technical experience. Some issues require a call. Answer the call easily.

Hello, James speaking.

Because great customer service starts with better help desk software,it starts with LiveAgent.