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When Framer Classic first launched it introduced many designers to the concept of creative coding.

Now, we’re bringing that same vision to Framer X.

Meet Playground, a sandbox environment for designing interactions.

It’s a new way to learn just enough code to be dangerous and take the next step in interactive design.

Starting today, you’ll find a new panel in Framer X, called Code.

This is your space for creating code components from scratch, always accompanied by live visual feedback.

It’s the only code editor built specifically for designers.

And it comes with all the bells and whistles to help you learn react as you go.

From inline documentation and helpful syntax, to smart auto-complete, you’re supported every step of the way.

Did we mention it comes with two custom syntax themes?

Everything is powered by the brand-new Framer library, which offers the ability to design the most advanced animations and gestures, using the least amount of code.

It’s all react-based, but simplified.

So even beginners can start to explore truly interactive ideas.

Thanks to our open-source API documentation, you’ll be creating high-fidelity prototypes in no time.

So go ahead and use Playground for just that, play. Or take your animations from experimental to real-life.

Experiment, learn and grow into your full interactive design potential in Playground today.

Only in Framer X.