Hero Video Script (162 words)

The letter was a profound innovation in long-distance communication, then came the digital revolution. Email emerged as the standard tool but almost 50 years and billions of users later things have gotten complicated. Groups of people now rely on ¨”Cc” “Bcc” “Forward” and yes even the confusing and dangerous reply all to email about email.

So Zendesk created Inbox a simple web app to help small teams collaborate on email, small teams like these people. They share an email address for customer support, they’ve just connected it to Inbox, now they can assign messages to specific people on the team. Inbox lets you see who else is viewing a message, talk amongst yourselves, and even call out teammates for their input.

So you can work together in reply as one, it’s well organized and easy to track because the whole conversation happens in one place nice and easy.

The classic team hug for a job well done. Team up on email with Inbox