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Your face is your moneymaker.

So why would you pair it with cheap plastic?
Why does some plastic cost $500?

It’s time for you to rethink your face.

Man, I look good!

These are Williampainter’s.com, the finest sunglasses ever made.
And the last pair you’ll ever need.

Is that a bold statement? Yeah, it is.

We analyzed and perfected the classic styles you already know and love.

They look good in board shorts and headed to the boardroom.

You can dress them up, dress them down, even undress them…

William Painter was the man.

He invented the bottle cap and bottle opener, then said:
“The only way to do a thing is to do it”.

We decided to honor his legacy when we created the hook:
Our patented pair of sunglasses that let you pop bottles and look like a model.

But here’s the inventors magic:
In order to create this unique pair of sunglasses
we had to make our frames out of aerospace-grade titanium.

We just created the most durable pair of sunglasses ever? Yeah, we did.

And as an independent sunglass company, we sell them directly to you.
Which means no middlemen and no expensive markups.

Head over to WilliamPainter.com and find your pair.

Maybe you’ve never bought sunglasses online. It’s so easy.
You’ll feel confident about looking good without all the fuss of trying on endless pairs.

And remember: The only way to do a thing is to do it.

Ain’t that right, Willie?

So head over to WilliamPainter.com and do it now.


If you lose them or your girlfriend steals them,
we’ll even replace them at a discount.

The life-hack guru Tim Ferriss loves them:

“They’re stylish, great, they’re also very durable.”

The dude only works four hours a week!

How confident are we that you’re gonna look good?
So confident we give you a hundred days to try them out.
That’s a lot of days.

Plus, we give you a full lifetime guarantee.
Nice looking shades old man!

You’d never disgrace a delicious steak with a plastic knife.
So why would you do the same to your face, mate?

So if you or someone you love has a face,
go to WilliamPainter.com today.

Click now to start your 100-day trial of life-changing sunglasses.

Clicked the link yet?

Yet cuz. I can pop bottles all day… Nope, this one’s mine.

Go to WilliamPainter.com.