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The unfortunate reality about running a software business is that every now and then you’re going to have downtime. There will be bugs in production, networking issues, and 100 other little things that go wrong throughout the life of your business.

And if you don’t handle downtime, gracefully, your customers and ultimately your bottom line will suffer. As a user, you’ve probably had this experience before, the product you use goes down, and they do a bad job communicating what’s going on. You probably won’t ever recommend them to your friends, and you might even switched to a competitor.

The good news for your software business is that unexpected downtime doesn’t always have to be a customer service disaster. If you embrace transparency during downtime, your customers will forgive you.

That’s why we build StatusPage.io. StatusPage.io gives companies like yours and always up always on way to communicate with your customers during downtime. We provide them all the tools you need to turn a bad situation into a memorable customer experience. So what exactly can you do with your own custom status page, post updates about specific downtime incidents, your customers can opt into automatically get notified when you’re having issues.

You can even let customers know about upcoming maintenance, display the status of independent parts of your site. So if one function of your site is down, but all of the other parts are working, you can indicate exactly what’s going on. Statuspage.io also hooks into tools you already use, like pingdom them and New Relic so you can automatically show off graphs that your customers care about.

Things like snappy response time, and near perfect uptime. So join the thousands of companies using StatusPage.io and sign up for an account today. StatusPage.io when you’re dow, we’re up.