Hero Video Script (373 words)

-Yoshi Nakamura: When you think about the companies that are trying to solve for the biggest issues, I think Fireblocks has done a really good job of solving for one of the biggest security risks,and that’s coin movement.

Inherently, there’s a lot of risk in that movement, from point A to point B because it leaves openings and gaps to where risk could be evident.

-Uri Stav: Trading institutions face numerous cyber risks, and attacks happen every day, every hour, every second.

Fireblocks simplifies life of operations, and provides also completely new kind of layer of security that can be put in front even insecure interfaces that our industries full of.

Multiple points of failure that exist in  typical solutions and typical environments in institutional traders they are being eliminated by means of MPC.

So MPC allows us to be trustless towards our counterparties and services providers. There is no single point of failure anymore.

-Yoshi Nakamura: When you think about a 24/7 market, which is what we trade in, your return on is really important because you have settlement time frames that, in a 24/7 market could be overseas, and that deterrent makes it very hard to do something manual which is what we’re doing right now, which is a lot of the industry is doing right now, where settlement has to have two human people on other ends of it.

-Ivan Brightly: This process is pretty cumbersome and it’s rife for error. Fireblocks combines the need for speed, providing us with 24/7 access to our wallets, as well as ensuring that the identity of the recipient is the actual identity of who we want it to send the transactions to.

Additionally, it allows for operational staff to provide 24/7 coverage using multiple offices and multiple personnel that otherwise wouldn’t have access to our wallets at our vault.

-Uri Stav: From one side I have a happier compliance officer. I have also happy operations manager, and COO, and from other side, I have a happy myself who always has to be a bad guy. It makes my job easier, makes actually, their job easy.

-Yoshi Nakamura: It solves actually one of the most important components and that’s moving crypto from point A to point B.