Hero Video Script (293 words)

This was my phone before CallJoy.

This is my phone now. Thanks for calling Leo’s plumbing, in a few words, how can I help you?

As a small business owner, my to do list is never ending.

I don’t always have time to answer every call.

Thankfully, I found CallJoy, a customizable agent that’s available to answer every call. I receive, 24 hours a day.

I’ll never miss a call again. Setup takes less than 5 minutes. And CallJoy records and transcribes all my incoming calls so I can review them anytime.

My CallJoy agent responds to the unique needs of each customer.

It understands essential information about my business and uses it to answer common questions. I no longer have to deal with repetitive calls about my open hours or how to schedule an appointment.

The CallJoy agent saves me time, so I can focus on urgent client requests and more important tasks.

I want my customers to have a great experience. And I want my business to sound professional. When customers call, I have call actions set up to handle every request.

For example, if they’re calling with a basic question about open hours or location, the agent responds with those details.

If they want to make a reservation, CallJoy sends them a link to my website to book one. If they want to speak with us directly. The agent routes the call to whatever number I want. Boom.

Best of all, I get insights into all my incoming calls, even the ones I don’t answer. Before CallJoy I Had no idea my business was missing 20% of calls. Twenty, Percent.

As a small business owner, CallJoy helps save me time, so I can deliver better customer service, and focus on growing my business.