Hero Video Script (142 words)

-Pascual! You are very handsome! and I am very late I am so sorry


-Miss? miss? is that your…

-Yes I’m not going to leave it there. I gotta go grab something but I’ll be right back I’m coming right back.

– Can I get you a glass of rosé?

-Yes, yes oh my god that’s perfect.

-If his either stay at the office and wait for this big sales contract to come through or bring it all with me.

-One question…why the scanner?

-That’s why I can scan it after I sign it. I hope this doesn’t get too loud.

-So Pasqual tell me where are you from

-Well that is quite an interesting story. My mother was originally from a small town near the coast


-May I? … I’m curious

-Ask me…

-Have you ever heard of  HelloSign?