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At Gather we’ve got lots of experience as chefs, waiters, hostesses and events managers, so we know how to help venues manage events and win more business.

Keeping track of all the moving parts can be a huge pain and losing just one piece of paper that could cost your business thousands, but Gather changes all of that.

Gather helps thousands of interested new customers discover your restaurant or video, once they reach out via your website or the booking network, you can quickly evaluate if the event is a good fit for your space, check availability and send a templated response back with a contract ready for secure signing and payment through the Gather event portal.

All the details are in the cloud, no binders, no faxes, no fuss. Plus, you can book new events 24/7 even on-the-go!

-Oh! here’s another request!

– Responding now. Done!

And you know who really loves Gather? Your boss. Now she has full transparency into what’s happening with the business, what you need for this week’s events, which events are bringing the most cash and how many more events your team needs to meet revenue goals.

With Gather you get more than great event management software you get a booking network for generating new leads, reporting tools that give you visibility into your business and a team of friendly support specialists who’ve been in your shoes.

Gather powering growth for thousands of restaurants and venues.