Freshbooks is accounting software for small businesses, made easy. Their hero video "Intro to FreshBooks - Accounting for the Non-Accountant" already has 380,627 views as of March 30, 2018 - and certainly doubles as a video ad. The Freshbooks video is great and incorporates several video marketing best practices:

  • Storytelling Instead of presenting facts or listing features and benefits, the hero video tells the story of a small business.
  • Transformation The best way to intrigue and convince possible customers is to show how his life is before using your product, and how it improves after. How your potential client feels before, and how he feels after.
  • Emotion Great marketing videos capitalize on invoking emotion. Freshbook's hero video perfectly does so, using up-lifting music, funny on screen drawings and a good narrative.

Hero Video Script (249 words)

Freshbooks is the world’s leading cloud-based accounting software for small businesses.
Sounds fancy, right?
It is, but here’s why I love fresh books: I’m a business owner and I hate paperwork.
With Freshbooks, I can send professional-looking estimates and invoices in seconds from anywhere.
This is a huge improvement over the time it used to take me back in the early days.
Now that I have a team, keeping track of everyone’s time is a must, especially with the skype.
Seriously, Freshbooks Time Tracker is simple: You just start the timer, and you’re tracking it.
Works anywhere, and it’s easy for me to see how our billable hours are stacking up.
That’s the kind of thing I used to lose track of, especially on days like today when things are crazy.
Speaking of stuff: I used to lose track of good old shoebox. But with Freshbooks, I just snap a photo of my receipt and log it as an expense.
What used to take hours now just takes minutes. And everything’s right here in Freshbooks, saved to the cloud, so I can pull the report or send something to my accountant, and it’s painless.
It helped when I give them the invoices right here. See when my client views it, and receive payments online.
See? Money!
Freshbooks turn billing into a good part of my day instead of a hassle. That’s why I use it.
Join over five million people using Freshbooks to make billing painless.
Freshbooks. Cloud accounting.