Hero Video Script (170 words)

[NARRATOR] Hey, what are you doing?
[KID] I’m editing my video with Filmora9.

[NARRATOR] What kind of YouTube videos do you make?
[YOUTUBER] Makeup videos.

[NARRATOR] Which one’s better?
[YOUTUBER] So my favorite feature of the iPhone is… (laughing)

[NARRATOR] What’s so funny?
[VOICE] No more treats for you.
[DOG] Why?
[VOICE] Because I said so!
[DOG] Why?!?

[NARRATOR] Whoa, your video is going viral!
[WOMAN] Huh?

[NARRATOR] Is that all for you? [slurping noises] [giggle]
[NARRATOR] Why is your room a mess?
[GAMER] This is what happened.
[GAMER] no no no No No NO NO!

[skateboard noises] [GIRL] Yo dude, check this out.

[NARRATOR] Another late night at the office?
[BOSS] Need to work on my transitions!

[NARRATOR] Hey… are-are you okay? [typing noises]
[GIRL] I thought he was the one…

[TRAVELLER] Hey! Check this out. [bear noises]
[NARRATOR] Oh wow! Where’s this?
[ACTOR] Hawaii. [vlogger talking to phone]
[NARRATOR] Whoa, you might want to vlog that.

[NARRATOR] So, what’s your story?