Hero Video Script (341 words)


You hear that?

That eee-yah noise used to be the sound of the internet, it used to sound like the future.

Remember when just being online was cool?

Yeah, neither does anyone else.

Today, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing online.

Do you curate cat videos?

Are you a huge financial institution?

A startup ready to launch?

Or a hot new mobile app about to sign up 30 million new users, on a Tuesday,in Malaysia?

Doesn’t matter.

Point is, everybody needs the same things: we need our stuff to load fast, not get hacked, to stay online no matter what, and to weather whatever the Internet throws at you.

You want performance, security, reliability, and insights.

Like all the basics of how the Internet should work. Right?

So pardon me, Cisco, and every other company that built itself on the myth that the only way to survive online was to buy racks and racks of boxes that connect to other boxes, we’re significantly past the point of eee-yah, right?

At least, that’s how we think about it at Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is dedicated to making the Internet work the way that it only used to work for the internet giants.

Cloudflare is an intelligent network that sits in front of wherever you host smart pipes, not dumb pipes,  and gives you all the things you used to need hardware for: routing, caching, firewall, load balancing, DDoS mitigation, WAN optimization, but as a service an infinitely scalable, always online, pay for what you need, get setup quickly service.

And it delivers this across one of the world’s largest, fastest networks that instantly routes around problems, is always up-to-date with the latest standards and technology, automatically identifies threats, and gets smarter with every request it handles.

So, excuse me what’s that sound?

That’s not an eee-yah.

That’s the sound of the rest of the Internet realizing the future doesn’t come in a box.

Take five minutes.

Supercharge your internet.

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