Hero Video Script (307 words)

Welcome to the brave new world of API first development. APIs are the foundation of modern software development, connecting data and services to an expanding universe of apps across web mobile IOT and beyond.

Every day thousands of APIs  are created making millions of connections. And for every API, and for every stage of the API lifecycle Postman is there to bring order to the chaos. When an API is first created with a specification its design elements can be built directly within Postman or imported from a common format.

When its description is ready it’s time to build the API. Even before the API is finished Postman can help applications waiting to use it, thanks to Postman’s mock service, which mimics the API to show how it will run when it’s complete. Meanwhile, Postman can be used to debug the API, writing tests to ensure the API works exactly to spec. Postman testing is comprehensive, flexible and can even be automated.

An exceptional API also needs exceptional documentation so others can learn all about it. This looks like a job for Postman documentation. It’s detailed, customizable and machine readable.

Now, the API is hard at work, providing data and services to a galaxy of applications. Over time these apps need to trust that the API returns exactly what they ask for. This is easy with Postman monitoring, which allows regular check-ins to ensure the API is behaving to spec. If anything changes Postman monitoring will know right away.

A good API deserves to be well known and it’s easy to spread the word with Postman’s publishing tools. Apps can get everything they need to know with just one click in Postman. From design to publication, to testing and beyond Postman is there for every stage of the life of the API. Bringing order to API chaos.