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User attention is the most critical part of growth. You spend time and money to acquire new users, but if you can’t get users hooked, you’re just throwing money away.

If users aren’t finding value in your app, they won’t come back. No matter how many push notifications or emails you send, to retain more users, you need to address the core problem, YOUR PRODUCT.

But where do you start? There are thousands of things you could try to improve.

That’s where Compass comes in, your guide to driving retention. Amplitude’s Compass scans through all of your user data and reveals which behaviors lead your users to stick around long term.

These behaviors are often referred to as Aha moments and understanding these behaviors is the key to sustainable growth.

The insight’s team at QuizUp is using Compass to discover which behaviors contribute to retention. Quizup found a critical insight about their users.

New users that use QuizUp social features within the first seven days have as much as 60% higher retention than other users.

Building on that insight, we have improved our onboarding procedures to encourage users to leverage social features within their first week of use.

Here’s how compass works.

Let’s say you have a music streaming app and you want to know which actions users take in their first week that are predictive of them being retained two weeks later.

With the click of a button, Compass scans through all of your user data and ranks the actions that most strongly predict retention.

Within a user’s first seven days in your app, joining at least one community is the most predictive of retention and playing at least 14 songs is the next highest.

Let’s click through to learn more about the JoinCommunity event. Compass tells you that doing the join community event at least once is highly predictive of retention two weeks later.

You can see how the number of times a user does the action correlates with retention. You can also view the retention curve of users who joined a community compared to all new users during that time period.

You’ve just learned that joining a community is highly predictive of new user retention, so what do you do next? To test out this insight, you could add a step to your app’s onboarding flow to encourage new users to join a community soon after they download the app.

A few weeks later, you can check the results to see whether encouraging more users to join communities has increased your new user retention.

It’s a really powerful tool to really dig into what drives retention and we use that to hone in on early success metrics, leading indicators into as to what causes a user to retain.

Compass helps you solve your core retention problem by providing insights that help you build a better product, one that your users will return to again and again.

Need to retain more users? Contact us to learn how compass can help you understand your users and guide your attention strategy.