Hero Video Script (152 words)

This is Cake the web browser that’s designed for the way you use your phone. How?, let me show you.

When you search the web with Cake, just swipe forward the your search results. Super easy.

No more back and forth, back and forth, back and forth between your search result links and web pages.

Search the web like a pro. Choose a group search for the best of the web. You can even customize your searches by reordering your favorite services.

Cake helps you stay connected to the websites you care about most. Take control of your feed. Follow what you like and never miss a post sports, news shopping deals, even your roommates celebrity footwear blog. Then just swipe through your favorite web content like it’s 2019.

Don’t be default, download Cake on iPhone or Android and on your phone.

You deserve a better mobile web. Download Cake for free today.