Hero Video Script (209 words)

So what does it take to build a website on Zoho sites? Simple! you, your idea and some guacamole for moral support.

First give a name for your website, next choose a template that suits your idea, can’t decide which template to choose? No worries have some guacamole… that’s not will guacamole, is it? never mind!  Choose anything you like because you can switch to any template without losing your changes.

Say hello to our website builder it’s intuitive and easy to use. You can pretend you’re Magneto because you can control any element on your site, drag anything you like from the left menu and drop it to add it to your site, go ahead customize everything, stretch, skew, change, edit it’s all up to you.

Add anything you like how about some photos?  When you done building your site publish it you can get a free subdomain, map your existing domain or buy a new one. Zoho site provides free web hosting as well there are also SEO tools and traffic statistics you can use to rank your site better and Google.

And there you go, you have a website now and your guacamole is proud of you. Visit zoho.com/sites to get started for free.