Hero Video Script (258 words)

-Madhu Prabaker:If you’re serious about growing, “Growth hacks” just don’t cut it anymore. Your customers and competitors are far too sophisticated.

-We built the Amplitude Growth Engine to give product teams the technology to systematically build their product for growth. The tools in the Growth Engine remove friction at every point in the team’s product iteration cycle.

-When you look at companies like Airbnb, Spotify, Amazon or Slack the number 1 thing that differentiates them from everybody else is their ability to iterate fast.

-Madhu Prabaker: HotelTonight knows that the difference between growth and stagnation really comes down to how fast the team can experiment, how fast you can analyze the results, share learnings and ultimately how fast you can ship code.

-Exactly, in order to grow product teams need to be iterating and testing new hypotheses every week not every quarter. We built the Growth Engine because we wanted to empower every single product team to be able to form hypotheses test and validate those rapidly and then ultimately make really big bets with high degrees of confidence.

– Madhu Prabaker: So at HotelTonight our secret sauce has really been our ability to rapidly iterate and one thing that we’re really conscious of is as we’re scaling the company, we’re scaling all of our products, how do we maintain that speed advantage an exciting new technology like the amplitude Growth Engine is really helping us achieve that.

-To learn more about The Amplitude Growth Engine and see it in action, go to amplitude.com/growth-engine