Hero Video Script (259 words)

7 am, and the phones already ringing off the hook. Give it to me, Brian,

Brian and legal gives me the lowdown. As you can see, I’m very important, which is why I need to stay informed. They both start with an I.

Odd coincidence? Yes.

Give it to me Grandma, grandma still talking about the OJ case, staying informed and get out of hand.

I try and check the news. But what do I get? Chaos.

Woman1: “Today, an area woman swallowed an entire nest of bees!”
Woman2: “He would Hollywood eat for breakfast.”

You try to escape it, but it follows you everywhere you go.

Man: “You won’t believe what happened when I ate pop rocks for an entire year.”

I could spend hours on a bunch of different sites but who has time for that?

I like to keep things simple. That’s why I use Briefme.

Briefme keeps me up to date on what matters. Don’t ask me how it works.

How does the steam engine work? Exactly.

All you need to know is that the app calculates the Briefme score which measures how viral an article is in real time. It gives you the hottest news items chosen by millions of ordinary people. Instead of editors.

Like a newspaper, Briefme has sections such as business politics, sports.

Unlike a newspaper, Briefme gives you just the cream. The most important news.

10 fingers, 10 articles. Coincidence or genius?

In just a few minutes I’m up to speed.

Or as we like to say in the business: I’ve been briefed.