Hero Video Script (157 words)

A zero on its own isn’t much but when you add to it with a brainwave, a logo, a website, a boardroom and a few late nights, you create something… beautiful. And that’s the Xero’s add up –  more doors open, more people like what you do. And that dream that just wouldn’t let up is now a bustling reality.

Amongst all that, perhaps you missed a zero…not that kind, this kind. Maybe not him, maybe her. A Xero who knows your business, loves what you do and can spot a stray zero a mile away.

Now, with the right Xero in the right place everything’s adding up. Red turns to black. Obstacles become opportunities, and weekends are yours again.

So you keep adding zeros. Sleeping well at night. Growing into something bigger. Leaner and better. Because at the end of the day it pays to add a Xero to your bottom line.