Explainer Video Script (112 words)

-Rachel: Hey, Google. Good morning.

-Google Assistant: Good morning, Rachel.

-Rachel: Hey, Google. Where is the first appointment?

How do I get there?

-Google Assistant: You can see the full directions on your phone.

-Rachel: Hey, Google.

What should I make for dinner? Show me the noodles recipe. Start cooking.

Google Assistant: Great! Let’s get started.

Rachel: Hey, Google. Show my photos of China.

Google Assistant: Here’s what I found in your Google Photos.

-Rachel: Show me YouTube video videos of pandas.

-Rachel: Hey, Google. Play my evening playlist.

-Rachel: Hey, Google. Call dad.

Hey, Dad.

Hey, Rachel. How’s it going?

-Rachel: Hey, Google. Show me the baby’s room.

Good night, Google.