Explainer Video Script (359 words)

Meet Chris. Chris runs an Amazon store where he works hard to deliver profitable sales. Chris is unhappy because his sales have been down lately and he realized some of his biggest competitors are consistently beating him to the Buy Box. To keep up with the competition Chris monitored and changed his pricing manually every week.

With over 300 products Chris found himself spending hours of his valuable time on repricing and the new prices still didn’t seem to be winning the Buy Box more often. After reading up more about how to win the Buy Box Chris realized he needed repricing software. That’s when he learned about XSellco Price Manager.

Chris didn’t hesitate to sign up. He was ready to reprise within minutes thanks to Price Manager’s quick setup process. Now his products reprice in real time and all he has to do was set up his repricing rules based on a number of competitive scenarios and Price Manager does the rest.

He targets if his competitors have a better or worse seller rating than him, whether or not they are FBA, domestic or abroad, their stock levels, free shipping, and much more. His products reprice up as well as down ensuring that he always sells at the optimal price. By uploading all of his costs Price Manager allows Chris to reprice based on net margin ensuring he makes a profit on every sale.

Through competitor analysis reports he can see which sellers are beating him to the Buy Box and he creates rules to target and beat those specific sellers giving him the competitive edge at all times. With Price Manager’s unique price movement tracking Chris gets a detailed view of the competitive landscape for all his key products allowing him to make key pricing decisions quickly.

Repricing is no longer a pain for Chris it’s now a key part of his sales strategy enabling him to sell more products at a profit, expand into more countries, save time and grow his business. Chris couldn’t be happier. Why not start winning more Buy Box and generate more sales like Chris did! Start your free trial today!