Explainer Video Script (204 words)

Meet Eric from Saul’s Inc, the dedicated support agent who has the neck to delight his customers every time they mail, call or chat with him, but no matter how hard he tried or how quickly he resolved his customers problems, he had no idea why the company’s reputation and customer love just kept plummeting.

The company’s lack of swift social support was not only disappointing a major section of his customers, but it was also costing him the company’s hard-earned reputation that’s when Eric found Freshdesk.

He integrated the company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts with Freshdesk and used it to provide lightning-fast customer support on social media just like he did on other channels.

With Freshdesk in place Eric now delights all his customers regardless of what channel they choose to use, also he can now offer quick and stellar support on Twitter and Facebook.

In no time Saul’s Inc became one of the most sought-after socially active brands in the business and earned the love of its customers.

So what are you waiting for be more like Eric. Sign up for Freshdesk today and provide lightning fast social customer support to make your customers happy.

Freshdesk, customer happiness, refreshingly easy.